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RedTape began in 1996 when RedTape became one of the first Indian footwear brands to be available in the leading global markets such as the United Kingdom. Since then, REDTAPE has established and grown as a fashion and lifestyle brand with more than 210 stores in 99 cities.


Today, REDTAPE is accepted as lifestyle footwear and clothing brand for men, women, and kids. We provide our customers the best of international styles, world-class quality through our Red Tape shoes and apparel, with unparalleled comfort at great prices.


REDTAPE has also developed a significant presence online. This RedTape official website ensures that your style quotient is delivered from your mobile phone to your wardrobe with a hassle-free online shopping experience.

WEAR YOUR MOOD with the RedTape new Collection

The latest collection of RedTape products gets updated on this website regularly. Buy RedTape shoes, apparel, and accessories here and enjoy the best deals and discounts on Original Red Tape star products – Celebrate 25 years of RedTape with us.